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Loan books

  • Loan qualification : Those who have Gyeongnamdaepyo Library membership card
  • Number of books : 3 books
  • Loan period : 14 days including the day of loan (If the library is closed on he return date, the return date is the next working day)
  • Location : General archives 1 (Main Building 2F), General Archives 2 (Main Building 3F), kids center
  • Materials that can not be borrowed : Reference books, periodicals, brochures, books in braille, books that would interfere with library viewing service
    ※ Loan materials can not be re-loaned to another person.
    ※ Additional materials can not be borrowed separately and must be borrowed with the book.

Return books

  • Opening Hours(09:00~18:00) : General archives 1 (Main Building 2F), General Archives 2 (Main Building 3F), kids center
  • Closed days and after library hours: Automated return machine in the main building lobby
    ※ Note : The materials with additional materials must be returned at the loan desk

Book reservation

  • Number of books for reservation : 2 per person
  • If the book you want is 'borrowed', you can apply for a reservation through the homepage. As soon as it is returned, you can borrow it first.
  • If the book is returned, you will be notified by mobile phone message according to the reservation order. If you don’t borrow it within 3 days after notification, the reservation will automatically be canceled.
  • If the reservation cancellation history is more than 3 times, the reservation service is limited for 3 months.

Overdue return/Reloan

  • If you exceed the book return period, you will be suspended from new loans temporarily for the number of overdue days.
  • Reloans can not be made on the same day as the due date. You can borrow it again on the next day.

Lost (damaged) books

  • If the book is damaged or lost, the same book must be reimbursed.
  • If the same book can not be reimbursed, substitute materials must be purchased and submitted.
  • For further information, please contact the archives.

Wish book application

  • Books not in the library can be applied for through the homepage and the wish book application form in the archives.
  • Number of books for application : Up to 2 books per month per person(up to 14 books per year)
  • If a wish book is purchased, you will be provided with text notification service before stocking in the archives. The book will be available to applicants first for three days from the date of stocking.