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How to sign up

  • Homepage sign up

  • Visit the library
    (bring your ID card and required documents)

  • Issue a membership card

※ If you visit the library after you sign up for the website membership in advance, you can get a membership card more quickly.

Membership qualification

  • Those who are registered as a resident in Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Those who work in a business place or attend school in Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Koreans with foreign citizenship and foreigners registered to reside in Gyeongsangnam-do

Place of issuance of membership card

  • Main Building 1F Archivd for disabled, Main Building 3F General archives 2, Kids Center

Required documents

  • After the person in charge checks the documents, you will be registered as a member and your membership card will be issued.
  • Please bring a certified copy of the register if your current address is not on your ID (passports do not have location information, so please bring your certified copy of the register)
Required documents : Category, Documents
Category Documents
Adult Identification (resident registration card, driver's license, etc.)
Middle and high school students Student card + resident registration copy (issued within 3 months)
Youth certificate or resident registration card (only those who have it)
If student card or youth certificate is not available, the documents applicable in accordance with preschool and elementary school student regulations
Employees in Gyeongnam(Reside in other city) Bring a parent + parent’s (legal guardian) ID card + family relationship documents such as resident registration copy · medical insurance card, etc.
Employees in Gyeongnam
(Reside in other city)
ID card + employee card or employment confirmation
College students in Gyeongnam
(Reside in other city)
ID card + student card(Identification card proving the school location)
Koreans with foreign citizenship and foreigners Certificate of residence in Korea or certificate of alien registration (expiration of stay must have more than 3 months remaining)

Membership card issuance fee

  • First time : Free
  • For reissuance due to loss or damage: Adult 2,000 won / Middle and high school students 1,500 won / Elementary school students or younger 1,000 won

Membership obligations

  • Members must notify the library without delay when they lose their membership card.
  • Members may apply for reissuance of their membership card for reasons such as lost or damaged membership card.
  • When a member’s address has changed in Gyeongsangnam-do, the member must inform the library without delay or change the address through the homepage.
  • Membership cards can not be transferred to another person and members are responsible for anything borrowed to others on their card.

Membership withdrawal

  • A member can withdraw membership through the homepage after completing the return of all loaned materials and after the deadline has passed.
  • All information will be deleted as soon as withdrawal is processed.
  • A member who has withdrawn is allowed to re-sign up after 30 days from the date of withdrawal.

Loss of membership

  • Those whose resident registration has changed to another city
  • Those who signed up for membership using someone else's name
  • Those who lose or damage materials and do not take responsibility
  • Those who are overdue for more than 180 days
  • Those who transferred the membership card to another person or borrowed the membership card of others