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  • Those who want to use it may access it freely.
    However, some services are available only to library members.

Archives information

  • Every Saturday to Thursday
  • Opening Hours : 09:00 ~ 18:00(Weekday General archives I, II 09:00 ~ 20:00, Youth study room 07:00 ~23:00)
Archives information : Main Building 1F, Main Building 2F, Main Building 3F, Kids center, Youth center
building name Category Opening Hours User note
Main Building 1F Archives for disabled 09:00~18:00 All  
Periodical section 09:00~18:00 All  
Main Building 2F Gyeongnam archives 09:00~18:00 All  
General archives 1 09:00~20:00 All Weekend 18:00
Digital archives 09:00~20:00 13 years old (middle school student) or older

Elementary school students can use it if accompanied by a guardian

Weekend 18:00

Main Building 3F General archives 2 09:00~20:00 All Weekend 18:00
Multi culture archives 09:00~20:00 All Weekend 18:00
Kids center Kids archives 09:00~18:00 Preschooler, elementary school student, guardian  
Youth center Storage facility 09:00~18:00 Library official  
Youth archives 09:00~18:00 13 ~ 24 years old Including college students
Youth study room 07:00~23:00

※ Archives can be accessed freely by anyone who would like to use them, but youth archives and youth study rooms are only allowed for membership card holders. Be sure to have a membership card.

※ Digital archives can be used after reserving a seat through the homepage or the reservation system installed at the entrance of the archives and usage cannot exceed more than 2 hours (only a single one-hour extension is allowed)

Closed day information

  • Regular day closures : Every friday
  • Public holidays, national holidays (open on Sundays but closed if on a holiday)
  • Temporary Closures : When it is deemed necessary by the director of Gyeongnamdaepyo Library

User compliance

  • The user must observe the following, and the administrator can control, restrict, or deny the access of those who violate them.
    • Prohibition of exporting materials that do not comply with loan regulations
    • Prohibition of infringement of rights under 「Copyright Act」
    • Prohibition of smoking and drinking in library buildings, prohibition of interfering with others such as bringing food into the archives · study room, talking, use of phone
    • Prohibition of damage to library materials, equipment, facilities, etc.
    • Prohibition of any acts that interfere with others
    • Prohibition of acts that violate matters prescribed by the director for the maintenance of the library's order