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  • Application for library use
    (10 days before)

  • Notice of use approval
    (within 5 days from application)

  • Payment of fee for use
    (3 days before)

  • Use of facility

Facility use inquiry : Manager of library policy division (055)254-4821

Required documents

  • Library facility application form
  • Event plan
  • The program materials for the facility use (samples of poster, flyer, brochure and admission ticket)

Facility status

Facility status : Facility name, location, area(㎡), seat (numbers), available facilities, note
Facility name location area(㎡) seat (numbers) available facilities note
Auditorium Main Building 1F 347 265 Stage equipment, video equipment 3 Disabled
Exhibition room Main Building 1F 123   hook wire  
Conference room Main Building 4F 101 25 audio equipment, beam projectors  
Discussion room1 Youth center 2F 24 8 -  
Discussion room2 Youth center 2F 19 4 -  
Youth multi-purpose room Youth center 2F 32 30 -  

Facilities Photo

  • Auditorium(Main Building 1F)

    Auditorium(Main Building 1F)

  • Exhibition room(Main Building 1F)

    Exhibition room(Main Building 1F)

  • Conference room(Main Building 4F)

    Conference room(Main Building 4F)

  • Discussion room1(Youth center 2F)

    Discussion room1(Youth center 2F)

  • Discussion room2(Youth center 2F)

    Discussion room2(Youth center 2F)

  • Youth multi-purpose room(Youth center 2F)

    Youth multi-purpose room(Youth center 2F)


  • A.M : 09:00~12:00
  • P.M : 13:00~17:00

Usage range

  • A reading program that contributes to the emotional development of the citizens and the formation of sound values
  • Events with public influence related to reading and culture
  • Domestic and foreign reading groups and individual reading or culture program events
  • Memorial events such as events and national holidays organized or sponsored by the province
  • Cultural events sponsored by the budget of the province or promoting the work of the province by private organizations
  • Other reading and cultural events that the director deems necessary

Usage restriction

  • If there is a concern about the maintenance of public facilities and the harmfulness to morals
  • If there is a risk of damaging library facilities
  • If there were more than 2 or more consecutive cancellations without any special reason other than natural disasters
  • For the purpose of commercial activities such as propagation of a specific religion or promotion or sale of a specific product
  • For internal events such as academies and kindergartens
  • When it violates related laws such as 「Public Official Election Act」
  • When pursuing private interest disguised as public interest
  • Other cases that the director deems necessary to restrict


  • Auditorium, Exhibition room: 50,000 won (per hour)
  • Other facilities: 30,000 won (per hour)
  • Air-conditioning, heater : 15,000 won (per hour)
  • If you exceed 1 hour, add 20/100 of hourly charge, but less than 1 hour is considered 1 hour.
  • Add 20% of the standard charge for Saturdays/Sundays


  • Subject for full waiver
    • Events and education organized and sponsored by province
    • Events that the director deems necessary for the promotion of reading and lifelong education
  • Subject for 50% off
    • Events sponsored by a state or province for nonprofit purposes
    • Events organized and sponsored by MOU contracting organizations with the province

Return fee

  • Natural disasters and other causes of force majeure : 100% return
  • Special circumstances of library: 100% return
  • Cancellation more than 3 days prior to use: 100% return
  • Cancellation 1 day before : 70% return
  • Cancellation on the day of use: No return