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Library one service

This is a service that allows you to borrow books from public libraries that are subscribed to the Library one service nationwide regardless of your residence.

How to subscribe

  • Sign up for Gyeongnamdaepyo Library website (Check on the Library one service at sign up 체크 )
  • Visit the library with the necessary documents
  • After confirming your identity at the information desk, sign up for the Library one service and receive a membership card

Use information

After signing up as a book connection member, a user who has received a book connection card can receive loan/return service from any public library participating in the book connection.

  • First use in public libraries other than the library you have signed up with
    • When using it for the first time in another library after receiving a book connection card, the service is available after the book connection card is presented at the information desk (check-in procedure).
    • It is not possible to use book service at the information desk or automated equipment without the check in procedure.
  • Follow the rules of each library participating in the Library one service.
  • When a book is overdue in one library, loans from another library will be suspended as well. (Suspended for the number of days delayed)
  • Books can only be returned to the library they were borrowed from.
  • You can view loan history and participating library information through the Library one service homepage.
    View Library one service participating libraries
  • Libraries planning to participate in Gyeongnam Library one service : 28 libraries in 11 cities (Service planned March 2018)
Name of local government, Library Name
Name of local government Library Name
Gyeongsangnam-do Gyeongnamdaepyo Library
Jinju-si Jinju Seobu Library, Jinju Yonam Library, Dodong Children’s Library, Bibong Children’s Library, Jinju specializing in Children’s Library
Tongyoung-si Tongyeong City Library, Tongyeong Sanyang Library, Tongyeong Yokjido Library, Tongyeong Chungmu Library
Sacheon-si Sacheon English Library For Children
Miryang-si Miryang Municipal Library, Miryang English Library, Miryanghyanggyo Small Library
Geoje-si Geoje Jangpyeong Library, Geoje Okpo Library, Geoje Jangseungpo Library, Geoje Suyang Library, Geoje Hacheong Library
Yangsan-s Bando 4th small Library, Umimaeul Small Library, Humanbilldungji Small Library, Gangbyeonmaeul Small Library, Baramkkoch Small Library (42 libraries including Yangsan Library)
Haman-gun Haman Chilwon Library
Changyeong-gun Yeongsan Library
Goseong-gun Dongbu Library
Namhae-gun Namhae Hwajeon Library
Geochang-gun Geochang Hanmaum Library