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Main building

Space for storing and sharing a vast amount of knowledge as well as creating new knowledge.

Archive information

  • Opening Hours : 09:00~18:00(Weekday General archives I, II 20:00)
  • User : All
    (13 years old and older (older than middle school students) are allowed to use the digital archives and it is available for elementary school students when accompanied by a guardian.)
  • Digital archives reservation
    1. Available only on the day, available from 09:00 daily
    2. Available after you get a seat through the homepage or reservation system installed at the entrance of the archives
    3. If you do not check in within 10 minutes after reservation and seat assignment, the reservation is canceled automatically
    4. You can reserve up to 2 hours and if there is no reservation, you can extend one time within 1 hour (maximum 3 hours per day)
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(Main Building)

Available Data Books Number of seats Available Facilities

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Archives for disabled 1F Braille, large letter books (558 books) 3,653 24 ∎Voice reading room
∎Video room
∎book search kiosk



Periodical section 1F newspapers 21 10

∎newspaper reading table

∎electronic newspapers

magazines 83
electronic newspapers 16
General archives 1 2F literature, history, language, art 47,927 110

∎book search kiosk
∎automated return machine

∎Copy machin(Fee)



Digital archives 2F Electronic books 10,159

PC : 24

DVD : 4

Group : 4

∎PC seat

∎source DB

∎DVD view


audio books 732
DVD 4,747 X
Gyeongnam archives 2F Gyeongnam-related local and administrative data 3,550 50 ∎book search kiosk 4861 X
General archives 2 3F

Technology science, General, philosophy, religion, social science, natural science

51,921 118 ∎book search kiosk
∎automated return machine



Multi culture archives 3F Mongolia, Japan, China, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Vietnam, Russia, Cambodia, Indonesia 5,833 18 ∎book search kiosk X

Floor information


1F : Auditorium, Lobby, Central control room, Exhibition room, Book cafe, Voice reading room, Video room, Librarian room, Periodical section, Archivd for disabled, Volunteer room


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  • Auditorium


  • Exhibition room

    Exhibition room,

  • Book cafe

    Book cafe

  • Periodical section

    Periodical section

  • Archivd for disabled,

    Archivd for disabled,


2F : Gyeongnam archives, equipment room, Employment  · entrepreneurship information center, service waiting room, Librarian room,, Digital archives, General archives 1


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  • General archives 1

    General archives 1

  • Digital archives

    Digital archives

  • Employment · entrepreneurship information center

    Employment · entrepreneurship information center

  • Gyeongnam archives

    Gyeongnam archives


3F : rest room, service waiting room, Librarian room,, multi-purpose room1, Multi culture archives, General archives2


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  • General archives2

    General archives2

  • Multi-purpose room1

    Multi-purpose room1

  • Multi culture archives

    Multi culture archives


4F : rest room, communication room, computer room, information communication room, multi-purpose room4, Office, data collection room, director’s room, conference room, multi-purpose room3, multi-purpose room2


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  • Multi-purpose room2, 3, 4

    Multi-purpose room2, 3, 4

  • Conference room

    Conference room